Koja od njih dve puni 23 godine, a koja je majka sedmoro dece? – FOTO


Ko je majka, a ko ćerka?

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Ove dve žene ponosno stoje jedna pored druge i poziraju prilikom fotografisanja. Jedna je majka Džesika (43), dok je druga ćerka Alisa (23). Međutim, kada ih ljudi vide po prvi put, ne mogu odmah da pogode koja je od njih majka.

Džesika za svoje godine izgleda fenomenalno i niko joj ne veruje da ima čak sedmoro dece.


Mnogi joj čak kažu da izgleda kao da je Alisina sestra, a ne majka.

My #transformation has been a lot more than just physical the past 23 years. The girl on the left was so excited to be a mother, but had no idea what lied ahead. My kids were definitely the highs in my life for many years, but the lows got pretty low. There were many days & years I thought I was in a living hell I would never escape. Low self-esteem & fear kept me in my place. Nursing school forced me out of it. I had to extend myself to others daily when I was pretty much an introvert at the time. Getting out in the workforce taught me that I could care for myself & kids if I needed to. I learned to believe in myself & found the confidence to change things, and by so doing, found a lot more happiness & peace. 😌 Life isn’t all roses now for me, but the girl on the right has learned when we take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and make sure we are in healthy relationships, wonders can take place. I dreaded getting older throughout my life, but not anymore. I love that I know my worth & am surrounded by the most amazing people. Know YOUR worth! Love yourself! Take care of yourself! For it is only then that you’re able to help others ♥️ • • • • • • • #transformationtuesday #fatloss #fitnessjourney #fitmums #fitmamas #fitmoms #transformations #weightlosstips #trainlikeagirl #loveyourselfmore #weighttraining #cardio #abworkout #armworkout #fitspo #utahfitfam #utah #utahfitness #howtoloseweight #antiaging #timeless #countingmacros #momswholift #momlife #eternallove #beachbody #bikinibody #bikiniprep #girlsgonesporty

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Kada je jednom prilikom podelila rođendansku fotografiju sa svojom najstarijom ćerkom, ljudi su bili zbunjeni, jer im nije bilo jasno ko je ko na slici.


Jedna osoba je čak i napisala: “Odbijam da poverujem da ste majka i ćerka”.


Drugi komentar je glasio: “Imaš 43 godine? Izgledaš neverovatno”.

1. Do I have stretchmarks? Yes, a few on my hips, none on my stomach. 2. Have I had a tummy tuck or any surgery to fix loose skin or my belly in any way? Nope! 3. How long does it take to for your belly to go back to “normal”? This depends on your genetics, diet and exercise regimen. It even differed for me with each pregnancy, but I never felt “back to normal” physically or emotionally until at least a year after giving birth. Obviously, stretch marks and loose skin depends on genetic factors or if you end up having twins, etc. 4. Did I give birth to all of my 7 kids? Yes, each singleton births. Four from my first marriage, 3 from my current marriage. 5. Am I overpopulating the earth? Only with the best of the best! 👌🏼😂👶🏼👦🏼👧🏼👱🏼‍♀️👶🏻👩🏻👦🏻 #sorryboutit #notsorry 😘♥️ Happy weekend friends!!!

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Ova žena iz Jute često na Instagramu objavljuje svoje fotografije i snimke iz teretane, ali i fotografije sa porodicom. Tu su takođe i slike iz perioda kada je bila trudna.


Džesika kaže da tri puta nedeljno vežba, kao i njen suprug, dok su njihova deca u školi.

I made it in bright & early to the gym yesterday 🌄 & just did an hour of low intensity cardio. First off, I’ve decided Mondays will just always be cardio days since the gym is beyond packed early in the morning 😩 & I’m never in the mood to wander around figuring out what I can use & then waste a half hour looking like a lost 🐶 just to end up grabbing some dumbbells🙄. I’m sometimes even lucky if I can get a cardio machine that I want. 😒 Also, I was feeling a bit low on energy & now I know why. I’ve finally caught a mild tummy bug from my little girl, who has been not feeling well the past couple of days. I decided to get a little extra sleep this morning & continue prepping my house for Thanksgiving 🦃🥧🍽 I’m just going to play things by ear based on listening to what my body needs. Besides, your body’s metabolism increases when you get sick as it works to overcome the illness. Luckily, it is super mild & I can still function pretty well. Just slowing down a little 🐢😉 • • • • • #transformationtuesday #positivemood #fitfluential #bestlifeproject #justdoit #fitnessforlife #getfit #training #activeliving #iwill #staypositive #youcandoit #sweatpink #werunsocial #beachbody #fitnessgirl #thesweatlife #powerofshe #fitnesslifestyle #fitnesslover #dreambig #pursuewhatislovely #glitterguide #flashesofdelight #postitfortheaesthetic #hairgoals #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #myunicornlife #brunette

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